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2020 Inigo Riesling

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Sevenhill’s vineyards are on gentle slopes that rise to 500m above sea level. During ripening, the middle of the day can be hot. In the evenings, the temperature falls dramatically and remains cool until mid-morning of the next day. Riesling loves these conditions. It will grow and ripen in the warm part of the day, then, when the temperature falls, water loss slows and the vine replenishes for the next day. Our Riesling is planted on several sites, each with different soils – silty stone/slate and richer, red loam. The silty stone and slate soils are older and less fertile, producing leaner characters; the wines show minerality and a more savoury edge. The richer, red soils have high nutrients, so the vines don’t have to battle quite so hard.


A second year of very low winter rainfall combined with fluctuating October temperatures. This resulted in historically low yields across all varieties. Thankfully, the conditions during ripening were temperate, allowing the vines to gradually ripen the small crop. This slow ripening was a blessing for flavour and tannin development, and also allowed picking decisions to be made with increased consideration.


The 2020 Inigo Riesling comes from three unique blocks on the Sevenhill property and was picked over consecutive days at the end of February. The grape must was chilled prior to pressing and then only the free-run juice used. After cold settling, the juice was blended and fermented as one batch using a neutral yeast. Cool fermentation temperatures, followed by attention to detail prior to bottling, have helped maintain vibrancy and fruit purity.


The aroma is lifted and pure with an abundance of lime, citrus and orange blossom. An underlying minerality continues on the palate, with delicate fruit and balanced acidity. This wine is fresh and dry, with an intense nectarine finish.

Price: $25.00