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2019 Sparkling Riesling

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Sevenhill’s Riesling vineyards are planted on gently undulating slopes up to 500 metres above sea level. Warm days and cool nights during the growing and ripening season are perfect for Riesling, as is the combination of stony and richer, red loam soils.


The combination of a dry 2018 winter and a cold spring led to the vines setting a lower than average crop. Prolonged dry conditions and events of extreme heat during January and February reduced yields further. Picking commenced on the 26th of February and progressed at a frantic pace. With daytime maximum temperatures reaching above 35C for eight consecutive days, most varieties reach the desired sugar levels quite quickly. The last fruit came through the winery doors on the 19th of March.


Our Sparkling Riesling is made using the Charmat Method, a sparkling technique best suited to the aromatic varieties, such as Riesling. The Charmat method is when the cuvée, yeast and sugar are put in a pressurised tank and secondary fermentation is undertaken, allowing retention of the natural carbon dioxide from the fermentation. The wine is bottled under pressure to retain the carbon dioxide, giving the wine its sparkling character.


Lifted citrus and aromatic floral notes introduce the delightful freshness of the 2019 Sparkling Riesling. Effervescent lemon zest is prominent on tasting and a juiciness is evident on the finish. The combination of natural acidity and fruitiness provides a balanced conclusion. Enjoy now.

Price: $24.00